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Man, lisssseeennn!!! I should've done a before and after for y'all cause I would've just sold the hell out of this scrub! My hands were cracking like sandpaper! Between my regular nurse-life hands and this move I just did, my hands were THROUGH! This scrub just brought me wayyyy back to life!! Thank you guys again! - Melanie

After I shaved, I used the beard butter, which moistened my skin, had a good fragrance to it, it keeps my face moisturized until my hair grows back every two days and my face does not itch. So I approve this product to keep me from having dry skin. I love how it moisturizes my face until it is time to shave again.

- Mel

The scrub left by skin soft, smooth and hydrated. The oils immediately calmed my itchy scalp and hands; left my body smooth.


 The product Sanaa is straight THE BOMB! We absolutely love all the products. The smell, the long lasting oils and the incredible scrub. Delicious My Brother and Sister. You two have nailed it for our people. Keep loving, Keep living and Keep inspiring. Continued Blessing.... I need to order me another set by the way.

- Tee Jay

That body scrub is everything!!!! Everyone must try Sanaa!!!


I have dry skin and after using this product, my skin is soft and feels replenished. I would recommend this product to my daughter and family and friends.


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