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About Sanaa

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What is a beautiful work of art? You are! That is why at Sanaa Melanin Body Care, we celebrate the beauty of God's creation by providing you natural skin and hair care products from the same Source. Our products are natural and organic, free of chemicals and cancer causing ingredients and is nourishment for all people's skin. Look good, smell good, feel good. Sanaa

I am energized by the spirit of The Most High and by my ancestors and brethren, who have endured and taught me how to turn tragedies into triumphs. I am Tina Allen, and I am the Founder of Sanaa Melanin Body Care. It was my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013 that lead to me to this purposeful venture. I, as most people, was ignorant of the immunity compromising poisons we have been subjected to all of our lives. It is inescapable, but it is possible to live healthfully in spite of the toxicity that exists in our natural environment. By gradually learning about GMO, organic and alkaline foods I began making changes in my lifestyle to maintain a healthy and active life. My research inspired me to make body and hair care products for my family and me. I could no longer allow us to be assaulted by topical poisons that contribute to our immune system's breakdown and vulnerability to disease.


The positive reaction I received from my family about how healthy, soft, hydrated and glowing their skin was made me think I was on to something. The reaction we were getting from people about how good we smelled and how beautiful our skin looked made me know I was on to something.

Experience the benefits of affordable, organic body care. Ingredients from our loving Earth and not a laboratory. When you know better, you do better and this is my way to support you in that. My family and I present and welcome you to Sanaa.

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